November 10, 2009

Movies Online - Taylor Lautner Interview

MoviesOnline sat down with Taylor Lautner to talk about his new movie, “The Twilight Saga: New Moon,” the second chapter in Stephenie Meyer’s phenomenally successful series! In “New Moon,” the romance between mortal and vampire soars to a new level as Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) tests fate for a glimpse of her vampire love, Edward Cullen (Pattinson). As she plumbs deep into the mysteries of the supernatural world that she yearns to become part of, she discovers a pair of ancient secrets that put her at more peril than ever before.

Just after Bella's ill-fated 18th birthday party, Edward decides to leave her behind in an effort to protect her. As the heartbroken Bella sleepwalks through her senior year of high school, numb and alone, she discovers she can summon Edward's image whenever she puts herself in jeopardy. Her desire to be with him at any cost leads her to take greater and greater risks.

With the help of her childhood friend Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner), who is a member of the mysterious Quileute tribe, Bella refurbishes an old motorbike to carry her on her adventures. Bella's frozen heart is gradually thawed by her budding relationship with Jacob, who has a supernatural secret of his own. Eventually, Bella learns the secret of the Quileutes and Edward's true motivation for leaving her.

With more of the passion, action and suspense that made Twilight a smash hit, “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” is a spellbinding follow-up to the international box office phenomenon. Here’s what Taylor had to tell us about:

Q: Did it ever feel like you were really in danger of not getting this role in this movie, and were you on steroids for those 30 pounds you gained?

TAYLOR LAUTNER: Definitely not, on your second question. And honestly, I knew where my character went in New Moon and that’s all I tried to stay focused on. I couldn’t control things outside. I couldn’t control the media. But I could control what I was doing to portray Jacob Black correctly. So that’s what I stayed focused on the whole entire time.

Q: Did that start with going to the gym and gaining 30 lbs.?

TAYLOR LAUTNER: Absolutely. Jacob transforms a lot in New Moon, not only physically but mentally and emotionally as well. So it was a matter of getting to the gym and eating the right food and a lot of it. But also reading and studying the book and the character over and over and over again so I could have his character down as well because he changes in many, many different ways

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