August 05, 2010

Nice TV Series

Hey, guys. So I haven't written for ages. Sorry. I have totally no time, and some problems... Anyway I just wanted to tell you some great TV Series. Some about vampires, some not :]

My favorite series: 

1. Gossip Girl 
I think everybody knows it. Based on the book by Cecily von Ziegesar. Series about Upper East Side teenagers and their lives. Rich & beautiful. 

2. The Vampire Diaries 
Based on the book by L.J. Smith, series about Elena and Salvatore brothers. 

3. The Skins
Series about teenagers from Bristol. This one is really great.

4. Moonlight 
Series about a vampire, who's a detective and fall in love with a human. I haven't watched all episodes of it, but I pretty liked it. 

And there is some series, that I'm going to watch: 

1. Pretty Little Liars 
Not really sure, what about is it, but it looks nice. :]

2. Glee
Spanish teacher gets a school choir into his hands and wants to do something great of it. Just watched 1st episode and looks quite good. 

What are your opinions ? Do you have any fave TV series? Which one? :] 

August 03, 2010

'Breaking Dawn' Part 2 Release Time Revealed

Breaking Dawn part 2 will hit the theatres on 16th Nov 2012. 

Good, it's soo long! What do you think?

August 02, 2010

do you like the tilight saga?

What a question?! Yes, totally!! Team Edward ! :D And you ? :]

Ask me anything