December 30, 2010

Ashley Greene at Eclipse DVD signing

Ashley Greene on 17th Dec signing Eclipse DVD

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Extented 'Water for Elephants' trailer

Finnish version of 'Water for Elephants' trailer with new haven't-seen-yet footage.

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'Eclipse' DVD Comentary Clip - Tent Scene

Haha! :D

'Breaking Dawn' new pictures by Glamour Magazine

Glamour Magazine posted new pictures from 'Breaking Dawn'. Actually one of them is a still posted by Bill Condon recently. Check it out here!

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Jackson Rathbone for Movieweb - 'Breaking Dawn'

While Movieweb was visiting Jackson on set of his new series 'Aim High' he told about going back to Baton Rouge to start shooting Breaking Dawn.

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Jackson Rathbone about 'Aim High' - interview

'Aim High' production is in progress. Movieweb had a chance to visit Jackson Rathbone on the set of the movie. 'Aim High' is a web series centered around a high school student with a double life as a teenage spy. It will premiere in 2011.

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Check out full cast of 'Aim High' here
Full article - Movieweb

December 28, 2010

New/Old Picture of Ashley Greene

New/old picture of Ashley Greene.
I love it! What do you think bout it?

What did Rob Pattinson do in London Pub on Christmas Eve - Picture

Robert Pattinson was spotted in London Pub on Christmas Eve

Thanks to FlippyStew we got this picture sided on Confessions of TwiCrack Addict with a note from FlippyStew:
It’s from tonight, it’s London, about an hour ago (thats about 00.30 in London) N (the one on the right) spoke to him for about 40 mins, shook his hand, got a ciggie from him (she doesn’t smoke) and he KISSED her cheek! - Carol Saxon

December 26, 2010

'Water for Elephants' Trailer

'Breaking Dawn' - New Peek

Bill Condon posted a new movie still from Breaking Dawn. It's Swan's house decorated for Christmas.
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