September 06, 2009

Rosalie Cullen - Twilight Characters

Rosalie Cullen

Real name: Rosalie Lillian Hale
Born: 1915, Rochester
Turned/Died: 1933
Eye color: Gold, when vampire
Black, when thirsty
Hair Color: Blonde
Skin Color: Pale
Height: 5'9"

Husband: Emmett Cullen
Adoptive Mother: Esme Cullen
Adoptive Father: Carlisle Cullen
Adoptive sister: Alice Cullen
Adoptive sister-in-law: Bella Cullen
Adoptive brother: Jasper Cullen
Adoptive brother: Edward Cullen
Adopitve niece: Renesmee Carlie Cullen

In 1933, Rosalie was transformed into a vampire by Carlisle Cullen after being beaten to the brink of death by a group of men including Royce King, her fiancé. Two years later, Rosalie rescued a young man named Emmett from being mauled by a bear, and after his transformation into a vampire, the two fell very deeply in love. Along with Emmett, Rosalie was an integral member of the Cullen family and fought eagerly against those who threatened them.

In Movie Rosalie is played by Nikki Reed.


  1. In real life Nikki Reed was born on May 17th "1988" SEE TO THE RIGHT IT SAYS 1998 BUT IS'T 1988

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    Thank you for your info, my mistake. I fixed it alredy

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    rosalie is a very beautiful person!! im jelous!!tee hee

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