December 05, 2009

Kristen Stewart will be the star of not just one but two films premiering at the Sundance Film Festival in late January 2010.

The already announced Welcome to the Rileys will be joined by Kristen Stewart’s The Runaways , a biopic where she plays the legendary late 70’s rocker Joan Jett. New Moon co-star Dakota Fanning plays alongside Kristen Stewart in the film.
To showcase the diversity to contemporary independent cinema, the Sundance Film Festival Premieres section offers the latest work from American and international directors as well as world premieres of highly anticipated films.
The Runaways / USA (Director and screenwriter: Floria Sigismondi)–In 1970s LA, a tough teenager named Joan Jett connects with an eccentric producer to form an all-girl band that would launch her career and make rock history. Cast: Kristen Stewart, Dakota Fanning, Scout Taylor-Compton, Michael Shannon, Alia Shawkat, Tatum O’Neal. World Premiere

USA Today Bestsellers List

1 Going Rogue: An American Life, Sarah Palin (Harper), $28.99
2 Eclipse, Stephenie Meyer (Little, Brown for Young Readers), $12.99
3 New Moon, Stephenie Meyer (Little, Brown for Young Readers), $10.99
4 Twilight, Stephenie Meyer (Little, Brown for Young Readers), $8.99
5 Breaking Dawn, Stephenie Meyer (Little, Brown for Young Readers), $22.99

6 I, Alex Cross, James Patterson (Little, Brown), $27.99
7 Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days, Jeff Kinney (Amulet Books), $13.95
8 The Lost Symbol, Dan Brown (Doubleday), $29.95
9 Pirate Latitudes, Michael Crichton (Harper), $27.99
10 Guinness World Records 2010, Guinness World Records (Guinness World Records), $28.95
11 Have a Little Faith, Mitch Albom (Hyperion), $23.99
12 Under the Dome, Stephen King (Scribner), $35.00
13 Ford County: Stories, John Grisham (Doubleday), $24.00
14 Breathless, Dean Koontz (Bantam), $28.00
15 Push, Sapphire (Vintage), $12.95
16 It’s Your Time, Joel Osteen (Free Press), $25.00
17 Dear John, Nicholas Sparks (Grand Central Publishing), $7.99
18 The Lovely Bones, Alice Sebold (Little, Brown), $7.99
19 Lavender Morning, Jude Deveraux (Pocket), $7.99
20 The Shack, William P. Young (Windblown Media), $14.99

New Moon Junket Interview

Ashley Greene on Jimmy Kimmel

Part 1

Part 2

New Moon FanMade DVD Cover

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First Look at Kristen in 'Welcome to the Rileys'

One film sure to make a splash at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival, whether it is liked or not, is Jake Scott's Welcome to the Rileys starring James Gandolfini, Kristen Stewart and Melissa Leo and I have your first five looks at the film. Yes, it's because it stars the Twilight star Kristen Stewart, but it's the role she is playing that is going to attract watchful eyes.

Stewart plays a lap dancer and prostitute in the film, which follows a damaged man (Gandolfini) who seeks salvation while on a business trip to New Orleans. Salvation is apparently sought by caring for Stewart's character, Mallory, a troubled young woman. Gandolfini's character and his wife (Leo) were driven apart by grief after losing their daughter.

The first stills from the film have just come in and while they don't show any skin, that is exactly what speculation says viewers are going to get according to an article at UK's Digital Spy.
"It's an independent movie that nobody would normally see," Stewart said. "Now it's like, 'Oh, let's go see Bella in this stripper movie – it'll be crazy!' Working with James Gandolfini and Melissa Leo, who is just incredible, was the most fruitful life-changing experience on a movie that I've ever had."

December 01, 2009

Kristen Stewart ind Digital Photographer UK Cover

Issue 90
Included in this issue


The latest high-end kit reviews
- Panasonic Lumix GF1
- Fujifilm FinePix F70 EXR
- Calibration kit tested
- Plus lenses, books and accessories reviewed by the team

Pro tutorials for enthusiasts
- Correct snow scenes with Photoshop
- Discover Adobe’s Filter tool
- Get creative with your camera’s flash

Be inspired by this issue’s expert projects
- Exclusive interview with New Moon photographer
- In-depth, practical guide to street photography
- Essential advice for breaking into expert interiors

November 30, 2009

Jamie Bower Interview about his role in 'Sweeney Todd'

Jamie said “Everything was a build-up that, I was so hight adrenaline. I’d get back to school at 9pm – I was boarder at that point – and everyone would be tried and getting to the bed and I’d be like…[I just been filming with Johnny Depp!] as first gig you can’t go wrong. Johnny Depp and Tim Burton as a team are one of reason I love cinema. Tim’s imagination and creativity: the way that he us cinema to destroy any hope that coporations have getting him to conform.”
“He’s sticking two fingers up to The Man Edward Scissorhands was a pivotal film in my life : it was the moment I realised I want to be a film actor”

New Moon - New Numbers

Interview with Jamie Campbell - Bower for EW

Interview with Jamie Campbell - Bower for Entertainment Weekly

by Lesley Savage

New Moon newcomer Jamie Campbell Bower plays Volturi member Caius. EW spoke with the 21-year-old British actor about what it takes to play a vampire, his craziest fan encounter and what powers he wished his character had. ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Tell me about what it’s like entering this crazy phenomenon.
JAMIE CAMPBELL BOWER: Bizarre. You know it’s funny, we go in and do our job and never really expect anything else, as long as you’re happy with what you’ve done that’s all you really want. And then you do a movie where it has such a huge following and it’s definitely not something I was aware of at the time. I mean I knew of it, but it wasn’t something that was at the forefront of my mind or something that I had experienced yet.
Had you seen Twilight before?
I had, yes. I actually wanted to be involved in the first film. And I read the script for the first one and upon reading the script for the first movie I read all the books. So I had seen both the film, read the script and all the books.
Are you glad you got to play Caius?
I was originally auditioning for the role of Demetri in New Moon, and then they said, “We think you’d be more fitting as Caius.” And I said, “Well that’s very kind of you, I’d love to come along and play him.” And I was aware of the character, I was aware very much of the particularly strong presence the Volturi have in Breaking Dawn.
Any memorable fan encounters?
I was given a banana.
A banana!?
I was given a banana in Los Angeles at a Hot Topic signing event. I had tweeted that my leg was shaking. I had a shaky leg and apparently it means lack of potassium and bananas are high in potassium. So, I ate the banana and the twitch subsided.
Have you signed on for the next two installments?
I didn’t do Eclipse, which they’ve finished, but I will hopefully be in Breaking Dawn – that’s where we get to really kick the s*** out of everything.
Who are you closest with on the cast?
Ashley [Greene] or Chris Heyerdahl who plays Marcus. He’s a lovely guy and we have very similar tastes in our comedy and what we like to watch and what we like to read. So we’re kindred spirits on set. But you know, I got along well with everyone.

Anything else we should know about Caius?
He’s doesn’t have any powers. He’s the only bloody Volturi who doesn’t have any powers. God knows why, I need to ask Stephenie that. Maybe he has the power to appear that he’s four centimeters to the left of wherever he is. That’s the power I’d like him to have.

Ashley Greene Interview for Entertainment Weekly

Interview with Ashley Greene New Moon's 'Alice Cullen'
 by Nicole Sperling

Nothing like a role in Twilight to break you into show business. That’s the case for Ashley Greene, who had spent most of her time in Hollywood as a hostess in an L.A. restaurant prior to her fame-making role as Alice Cullen. The Floridian native just finishing touring the country in support of New Moon and she’ll start filming the horror film Apparition in Berlin in February. We chatted with Greene days before New Moon started breaking records.
Are the reactions to Twilight the same all around the country?
I was impressed in Chicago, actually. Chicago was really, really intense and loud and I think it was one of the bigger responses that we had. But there’s always a lot of people, a lot of passion, a lot of screaming, a lot of crying. So really it’s all measured in terms of how deep the screaming goes.
Was it much different than last year?
I guess it’s more intense. I’m much more comfortable with this whole thing. I didn’t really know what to expect at all when I first got into it. It was my first gig, and so it was a little crazy and I was really nervous. And so now you know the fans are there because they love you and they support you.
What was your most memorable fan encounter?
I’ve had a couple people make me scrapbooks, and that’s kind of an incredible thing because I’m in a midst of this whirlwind right now so there are a lot of things that I miss because we’re in this Twilight bubble and it’s just go go go. So probably a year after this is all done, we can sit back and look at the scope of it. So it’s nice for them to put a collection of my career and what I’ve been going through together. That’s really special.
Why do you think fans are so obsessed?
I think with vampires, you can’t really go wrong. For generations, vampires have been a hit because they’re unobtainable, mysterious, sensual, dangerous, kind of sexy. Then Stephanie Meyer added a Romeo-and-Juliet love story to this fantasy world. Edward happens to be a vampire but he’s very much that gentleman who opens doors and says everything a girl wants to hear and he’s basically the epitome of perfection. And then you have Bella, this normal, everyday girl, which a lot of us are, and she steals this vampire’s heart. So everyone wants their Edward and everyone wants to be Bella.
And what is the downside? The only downside is when people stop realizing you are human and you’re not perfect. But it’s part of the territory and I wouldn’t trade it.
What was your favorite scene to film?
Going to Italy and being part of the Volturi scene was great. Dakota Fanning is fantastic. I was watching her movies before I was even acting. And I got to work with Michael Sheen and he’s an incredible, phenomenal actor and it was great to be able to learn from him and watch him do the scene and watch how it translates to the screen.
He gives that scene a lot of gravitas.
It was so easy for him. He controls the scene. I haven’t worked with an actor of that caliber yet who can do something like that. It was really cool to see.
Who’s your closest friend in the cast?
Kellan Lutz. We’ve been friends for about five years, before this whole Twilight thing even happened. We had the same agent starting out so we’ve basically been friends since we both moved to L.A. We’re together 12 hours a day, every day for like three months at a time.
If you could pick the director to helm Breaking Dawn, who would it be?
I just went to MoMA [NYC's Museum of Modern Art] and they were honoring Tim Burton, and I saw a whole compilation of his films and artwork and I just think he’s an extraordinary artist. I think it’d be really cool to have his spin on it, because it’s a very odd book, there’s some very weird moments. He would actually put a really weird and cool twist on it. And if we could do it the right way, it’d be great to have two films. You definitely want to get all the important parts in there and you know how hardcore and passionate the fans are about it, so one might be difficult and there would be something left out. So if we could do it right, it’d be great to have two films.