August 23, 2010

Twilight Characters: Victoria


Real name: Victoria
Born: unknown
Turned/Died: 2006 (killed by Edward Cullen)
Eye color: Red, when vampire
Black, when thirsty
Hair Color: Brilliant Orange
Skin Color: Pale

Height: unknown

Partner/Mate: James
So-calles Mate (in Eclipse): Riley
Coven Mate: Laurent
Soldiers: Bree Tanner, Diego, Fred & 15 other soldiers
Victoria was a nomadic vampire member of James' Coven. She was his mate and started a vendetta against Bella Swan in revenge for his death by Edward and the Cullens. To this end, she spearheaded several plots to end Bella's life, including creating a newborn army in Seattle, with the express purpose of killing her and destroying the Olympic Coven.

In Movie Victoria was played by Rachelle Lefevre (Twilight & New Moon) and Bryce Dallas Howard (Eclipse)


  1. who ever wrote this knows nothing about twilight she was killed by edward in 2010 and the vampire army knew they were going after the cullens dahhh

  2. Laurent was not her "coven mate".... James was her coven mate. 'Mate' is the word the vampires use meaning girlfriend or wife. And it wasn't called the James coven, they are called the Nomads. And to the Anonymous comment above, the newborns did NOT know they were going after the Cullens. They didn't know anything they just did what they were told. Remember when Jane asked Bree Tanner and she said "Riley didn't tell us, he said our thoughts aren't safe" ??

  3. In 2010 'the Twilight Saga: Eclipse' movie was release, not the book.
    Vampire army didn't know about the Cullens, because Alice could saw it in their plans.