June 30, 2010

Eclipse !!

So I just got back from Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse showing at my cinema. I loved Eclipse! Rosalie and Jasper scenes were so great. I quite didn't like new Victoria, but I will get used to it. :)
Edward looks soo much more Edward than in New Moon. It's not better than Twilight but always better. I hate the girl, who was sitting next to me. She was texting while Bella engaged with Edward! Oh, I don't understand these people. Why did she came to see it?!
Music? Music was so great. I've been listening to soundtrack for a while and I know some of the songs, and I love them. Totally.
There was so much more Jasper. More than in book, I have to say. But it was good. I love him. Finally they showed unsevered parts of vampire bodies. LOL. Tomorrow I'm going to see it again. Only Eclipse this time. 
bye :)))

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