January 15, 2010

Kellan Lutz to be a 'Conan' Contender

MTV says: 

Kellan Lutz confirmed he's one of the leading candidates to play Conan in the upcoming film based on Robert E. Howard's famous barbarian.
"I've been auditioning," Lutz told E Online. "They're finalizing so they're trying to figure out what happens next. I've been waiting for a while, doing screen tests. There are just so many cooks in the kitchen. If it happens, it happens."
According to yesterday's report, Lutz is competing with "Stargate: Atlantis" actor Jason Momoa and another unnamed actor for the role of a younger, though still muscular Conan. Details of the film's plot have been hard toc ome by, though Lutz did offer up his take on how the new Conan will differ from the version made famous by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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