January 05, 2010

Dakota Fanning on the cover of V Magazine

Dakota Fanning (aka Jane) will be gracing the cover of V Magazine’s V63 issue which hits newsstands January 14th.
Dakota Fanning is amused that she is finally able to wear a size zero clothes without having them taken in. Dakota told V Magazine:

‘Now that I’m getting older, I’m finally getting to the point where I can fit into those things’.About her role on The Runaways (sexy wild child rocker with a girl-on-girl kiss), she dished: ‘I really enjoyed doing that subject matter for the first time in a biopic, because it really happened, it’s not just a made-up story about a 15-year-old running wild. It’s a true story of her evolution from good Valley Girl to bad rock ‘n roll princess’.She shared about her kissing Kristen Stewart: ‘It’s passionate,they were just as close as two could get’.About drugs, specially the cocaine: ‘It’s actually crushed B vitamins. Kristen and I were, like, our hair is gonna grow a lot from these’.

Source:  DakotaFanningSource.com

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