September 13, 2009

True Blood vs. Twilight vs. Vampire Diaries

Ok, so first. It is NOT written by me. I am a TRUE Twilight Fan, and I definitely think that Twilight should win. I'm just adding an article from HERE. I forgot to add a link to source. Sorry. Hope people from comments will understand. CFL

Even before The CW turned "The Vampire Diaries" into a series, it was impossible to avoid sexy bloodsuckers in pop culture. And although the young-adult novels that inspired the drama were published way back in 1991 – years before Sookie Stackhouse or Bella and Edward were created – we can't help but compare the show to the popular "True Blood" and "Twilight" series. Here's how all three stack up against each other.

The Ingénue

"True Blood": Sookie's a waitress with psychic abilities and an open mind.

"Twilight": Bella's a moody high school student who wants to stay young forever.

"Vampire Diaries": Elena's a gorgeous teen with a tough past.

Sookie. While she can make moronic life choices, she's strong-minded, can defend herself in perilous situations and is generally pretty darn adorable.

Vampire Boyfriend

"True Blood": Bill is a Civil War vet and Sookie's neighbor.

"Twilig ht": Edward is a dreamy high school student with a big family.

"Vampire Diaries": Stefan is a renaissance man from classic Italy.

WINNER: Edward. He's more appealing than Stefan and carries less baggage than Bill.

Bad Vampire Boyfriend

"True Blood": The threatening Viking bar owner Eric may not be Sookie's actual boyfriend, but the two share a blood-conn
ection that has led to some very racy sex fantasies.

"Twilight": One vampire is enough for Bella, and though she does get taunted a lot by Edward's brother Emmett, there's no real attraction there.

"Vampire Diaries": Damon is Stefan's dark brother, w
ho has the ability to shape-shift, and is also compelled to stalk Elena because she looks like his dead ex-girlfriend (Damon and Stefan share a dead ex-girlfriend, naturally).

Winner: Close
call here since Damon is pretty awesome, but we're giving this one to the charmingly evil Eric.

Shape Shifter Guys
"True Blood": Sam's a sweet bar owner who can turn into any animal.

"Twilight": Jacob's a werewolf who is totally in love with Bella.

"Vampire Diaries": Stefan's brother D amon is not only a vamp, but can also turn himself into a scary crow.

WINNER: Jacob. This good-hearted Native American boy only turns himself into a vicious killer to protect his loved ones.

The Small Towns

"True Blood": Sookie lives in the Southern town of Bon Temps, which isn't ideal for vampires trying to hide out, but it works in this scenario since vamps have gone public. There are special bars for fans of the fanged ones and synthetic blood, though some members of this town don't take too well to supernatural sorts.

"Twilight": Bella has relocated to Forks, a dreary tiny community in the state of Washington, where it's constantly raining or at least overcast, making it a great place for vamps trying to cover up their sparkliness. The townspeople know that there is something off about the Cullen clan, but as long as they stay to themselves, no one raises much of a stir.

"Vampire Diaries": Elena hails from Fell's Church, Virginia. Her high school seems pretty typical of suburban America, and people are skeptical about the outsiders, especially when a rash of violence breaks out.

Fell's Church. It has the best weather and doesn't have a nagging maenad or serial killer around to cause community-wide orgies or deaths.

The Forces of Evil

"True Blood": Sookie and Bill have many different enemies to battle, from the local serial killer who hated vampires to the menacing vamp-hating cult called the Fellowship of the Sun to the mysterious Maryann the maenad (and her minions) who likes to cause chaos. This pair really has their hands full.

"Twilight": There's a bad coven, who strongly disagree with the Cullens' way of life, what with its aversion to hunting humans and all. The coven, led by a vengeful Victoria, are after Bella in order to get even with the Cullens.

"Vampire Diaries":
Damon. He's the show's primary evildoer, murdering locals and making life miserable for happy couple Stefan and Elena.

True Blood's multitude of craziness because it includes messed-up humans as well as supernatural beings all congregating to try to take down Sookie and her friends.

The Romance

"True Blood": Sookie loves Bill, but it's slightly a strange love given that his blood saved her life and may have put her under his thrall somehow.

"Twilight": Bella and Edward are complete and utter soul mates, determined to be together for all eternity.

"Vampire Diaries": Elena is torn between two brothers that she's attracted to.

WINNER: "Vampire Diaries." Elena's is the classic love story, and what girl wouldn't want two hot siblings vying for her love?

The Vampire Rules

"True Blood": The bloodsuckers on this show abide by most of the common vampire rules: They can't go out in the sun without turning into a fritter, can be killed by stakes or by being beheaded, need to drink blood (though synthetic is acceptable), have super speed and can fly (at least some can).

"Twilight": While you could kill one of these vamps with a stake, the sun is not their enemy in the traditional sense of the word. They don't get burnt to a crisp; instead, they get all sparkly in the sunlight.

"Vampire Diaries": These vamps can go out in the sun, but only when wearing a special piece of jewelry that keeps them safe. They like to drink blood and try to keep their identities a secret.

WINNER: "True Blood." We prefer our undead to be creatures of the night. Call us old fashioned.

The Tough Female Vampires

"True Blood": Pam. She's Eric's right-hand woman and looks fierce in coordinates. She's got a tough bark and an even worse bite, especially if someone messes with her shoes.

"Twilight": Rosalie's used to being the queen bee/mean girl of both the Cullen clan and her high school. She's stunningly beautiful, and she knows it, and doesn't take kindly to Bella getting all the attention.

"Vampire Diaries": Katherine was torn between loving two brothers, so she turned them both into vampires and then killed herself, leaving them to try to destroy each other for hundreds of years to come.

Winner: Katherine didn't necessarily know she was being a bitch and Rosalie thrives on being a bitch, but Pam could literally bite the head off of a small child and laugh about it, so she's by far the best bitch in town.

By the Book?
"True Blood": It hits some of the major plot points and character traits, but has gone its own way and invented new characters, kept some alive and embellished a lot of details.

"Twilight": It's extremely loyal to the books -- painstakingly so, as the fans quibble over any slight alteration or omission.

"Vampire Diaries": Based on the first episode, it's very loyal to the book, but the producers are going to have to do a lot to stretch this into a weekly series.

WINNER: "True Blood." We like the fact that the show is willing to take chances with the source material that usually pay off.


  1. re Ukiding me obviusly twilight is te best vv and O-M-G!! i love edward but listen edward not robert ;) team edward :D

  2. I just started watching Vampire Diaries, not reading them yet but ever since I started reading Twilight last year, I thought I would never see the day that there would be a book BETTER then Twilight. I'm going to go buy the book this weekend and see if its really true, since I am going by the Show and not the book but from what I've seen the best hands down. I hope after I finish reading V.D. I will get into True Blood, But one step at a time right? But I'm still a Team Edward, and unfortantly to some out there I am a Team Damon.. Sorry he's just so darn hot! lol like I said I have to read the books but it still shocks me that Twilight isn't as good as V.D.!!!

  3. Um, yea hi. I don't like the fact that if this site is spossed to be about TWILIGHT..then why are we comparing it to other vampire shows? And the fact that true blood won...i think ( no offense ) that your frikin nuts! why would you say some team is better? this is a TWILIGHT SITE...showing your support on why its so much better and cool! NEVER will i believe you if you say your a TRUE

  4. TRUE BLOOD RULZ!! Maybe next time Twilight Fans, but probably not! LOL!

  5. The Vampire Diaries is one of the best shows ever!!!And especially the books.I luv Stefan and Damon.So that means I'm both Stefan and Damon...they're both super hot and mysterious in many ways.But read the books and watch the show!!!And coming from somebody whos read all the books and seen every episode of the show than you should trust me that I voted for The Vampire Diaries over True Blood(read the books,seen the episodes),and The Twilight Saga(seen the movies,read the books).Vote For V.D.!!!!!!

  6. I have read the Twilight Saga and most of the Vampire Diaries, but I stopped reading the Vampire Diaries because they got kind of ridiculous. I just finished reading the 1st book that True Blood is based on and I love it because it's not PG-13. LOL