June 04, 2009

Something about New Moon trailer

After watching New Moon trailer about 50 times I wanted to tell you somethinbg about it :)

1. I think that birthday party was kinda "plastic". The cake look like it was done by paper. Scene with papercut... well it was strange too... And when Jasper attack they didn't show that Rosalie and Emmett took him out of the house. He should show his teeth.

2. Bella is different than in Twilight, she has better hair / i think/ . And Edward is different too, but it's worse / i think/, because now he look more like Pattinson...

3. Wolf was too small. In book it was bigger than horse! And Jacob as human can't jump so high, but in trailer he jumped after Bella!

This is a few things i wanted to tell you :)

ps. Sorry for my mistakes...

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