April 03, 2009

What's going on???

Vampire Scare at Boston Latin leves everyone confused

Did you guys hear about this one? According to The Boston Globe, Boston Latin School, a 400-year-old public school, is getting a lot of media attention lately due to rumors that vampires and werewolves walk amongst its alumni.

It seems the whole thing started when a couple of Twilight obsessed fangirls accused a fellow student of cutting someone’s neck and sucking her blood. Sadly, the crazy rumors don’t end there. Another student told the Boston Globe that a male student rumored to be a werewolf, wrote on Facebook that he would bring a gun to school because he was being harassed.

Apparently, the kids in Boston Latin  have lost it and are doing crazy things like carrying umbrellas to avoid exposure to the sun, and claiming to be “half-vampires” that drain their own blood to make their skin pale.  The police department and school faculty had to eventually step in to end the nonsense.  The school even emailed parents to reassure them that their kids were safe, and the school free of  vampires, but not mean kids:

“It has come to my attention that rumors involving ‘vampires’ began spreading through the building yesterday. I am very concerned that the safety of certain students may be jeopardized as targets of rumors and speculation. Please alert any adult in the building if you feel that any student is being harassed or targeted.”

Silly kids! But seriously, isn’t this how the whole Salem witch trials got started? Good thing a lot has changed since then.

Twihard teen bites 11 female students!!!

Boston isn’t the only one with a vampire problem. Des Moines Register reports that a 13-year-old boy at the De Moines school has allegedly bitten 11 female students from February 10 to March 13, and his father blames it on Twilight. The boy bit one of the girls at a track meet, and when the vice principal investigated the incident, she found out that others in the school had been bitten by the young teen vampire wannabe. The police were involved, and the boy was given a delayed referral to juvenile court on an assault charge.

What is up with kids today?

copied from twilightfangs.com - i didn't wrote it because I'm not so good in english, so you wouldn't read it

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